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The tragic, unthinkable events that have occurred on school premises in recent years have left many students, parents, and teachers feeling vulnerable, afraid and unprotected. School districts with the resources have already taken steps to improve security -- but what about those districts that lack the necessary funding?

We believe that education and safety are fundamental and essential. No student or teacher should ever be afraid to go to school. That's why Kognition has established The Safer, Smarter World Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide security technology for schools, grades K-12, at no charge.

Donations from individual donors, corporations or other organizations are appreciated, regardless of the amount. Every contribution helps us advance our broader vision of making the world a safer, smarter place.

Your donation is giving children a chance to learn -- free from fear and insecurity -- in a safer, smarter environment.

Your donation is appreciated, regardless of the amount.